At HLH Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of people who work with you. We exceed customer expectations with an exceptional team. Every person works hard to ensure that each task is done efficiently,and most importantly, the job is done RIGHT!

Harry McClure, CIMS, ICE
Vice President - Business Development

Harry has a Bachelors in Education from Central State University and has more than 40 years of janitorial experience. He formerly owned and operated a successful janitorial supplies, equipment and service business.

After many years of improving processes and optimizing performance through wise purchases of equipment and supplies, progressing into consulting became the logical and more productive move. In 1990, HLH Systems was created
Pat McClure, MBA, LEED AP O&M

Pat received a Masters of Science in Business & Marketing from Central Michigan University and has more than 30 years of organizational development, technical, and consulting experience. Pat worked for AT&T, and owned a training and consulting company called SHO. In 2003 SHO merged with HLH, forming an elite consulting firm that operates off the strengthened power of both companies.
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